Vodka, Ink, and Paint

By Alan Hunter Graphic Design December 20, 2015

Visualization is a part of everything we do as Marketers. It is at the heart of bringing everything to life from Strategies to Trailers to Digital Plans. When I travel, my Laptop and phone are my lifelines but my sketchpad, inks and brushes are my best friends.

How Did the Ink Paintings Start Being Developed?

A few years ago on a trip to Europe, I took some ink and diluted it with alcohol from the hotel mini bar and the experiment began. The alcohol acts as an extender and lets the ink work like oil paint. It has become the way I relax when I travel and not spending every moment working on a “DIGITAL DEVICE”.

What began as a creative outlet during my travels, has become a way for me to unwind after flights, meetings, and running the business remotely. I am not a drinker but the booze is at the heart of the inks. Whatever is in the mini bar is what I mix with the INK…. Madness, but with a method.

What are you going to do with these paintings?

I have been giving them to many friends and co-workers and have been amassing some really interesting pieces. On a trip to Las Vegas for a convention, a client suggested doing a show and the goal was born.

My plan is to have the show in the summer of 2016 and donate all of the proceeds to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. I’ve painted these in locations from all over the world from Las Vegas, to Germany, to Tokyo, to London and am inspired by the things I see when I’m in those amazing places.

Notably, Alan has created unique pieces in:

  • Las Vegas
  • London
  • San Francisco
  • Warsaw
  • New York
  • Munich
  • Tokyo
  • Dallas
  • Poznan
  • Seattle
  • Palm Springs
  • Cologne

Where Does the Money Go?

All proceeds from the inks will go to supporting Habitat for Humanity. I have been a longtime supporter of the charity both personally as well as professionally, through PETROL.

In essence, arranging for the proceeds to become a charitable donation towards Habitat for Humanity captures the spirit of the project itself—meaningful, impactful, and making positive change.

Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter is the President and Chief Creative Officer at PETROL. His unique background spans both creative direction, strategy and visual identity. More than 12 years after founding PETROL, Alan's passion is rooted in growing the agency and the Brands it represents.