The Ultimate Gaming Ornaments

By Gilbert Moran 3D design December 22, 2015

What’s a typical holiday ornament? Thoughts of Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer come to mind for many, but not for PETROL. For us, games are woven into the very fabric of our lives. We are fortunate & humbled to work with some of the top brands in gaming and enjoy a fast session on our PlayStations, Xboxes and smartphones whenever we have a spare moment. For many of us, the holidays and video games are inseparable.

What’s the process? Our Creative and 3D teams used this inspiration to create holiday ornaments of some of our favorite characters in gaming. This is really representative of how anything is possible at PETROL with the combined talents in house.

We hope your holidays are full of new games, intense rivalries with your friends, and late nights with your favorite clan!

Gilbert Moran

Gilbert Moran

Gilbert is a passionate lifelong gamer and uses his experience as a core fan to take social media strategies to new levels for brands like Godzilla The Game and Dark Souls.