Rising Ad Spend in the Mobile Space

By Ben Granados Mobile Games Online Advertising December 28, 2015

The mobile gaming market has seen explosive growth over the last few years, a trend that will continue to expand exponentially in the years to come. Along with this, the ad spend in the mobile space has seen a sustained, significant growth that is reflective both of the market size, as well as shifting consumer preferences.

In essence, the current market distills itself into two distinct categories: the games who choose to try & simply outspend the competition, and those who decide to strategically outmaneuver their competitors. Realistically, both methods have proved effective; however, it is neither always viable nor advisable to spend tens of millions of dollars against no ROI guarantee.

We are seeing a sustained shift from pure function to a hybrid of form & function in the mobile gaming market. As a result, the content extensions from the game itself—as well as the marketing assets used to advertise the game—must now be held to a higher standard than ever before.

In order to connect with the target consumer, programs need to be built that not only help acquisition, but also have clear strategies for addressing engagement, retention, and audience segmentation. Often, mobile publishers make the mistake of focusing their efforts on one of those vertical pillars rather than taking a holistic 360 view; in these scenarios, the campaign suffers immeasurably from that lack of comprehensive perspective.

Equally, it is important to recognize that mobile gaming does not simply live on mobile devices. Conversely, it is increasingly clear that both online and offline acquisition models are vital, along with event strategy and interactive experiences that engage existing brand advocates while enticing new fans.

It is evident that mobile gaming is not merely a fad or flash in the pan; instead, it is rightfully cemented as a crucial component of the gaming industry’s future. The industry must overlook the rapidly rising spends at its own peril; the ability and opportunity to put a meaningful stake in the ground is now, with an ability to remain at the forefront through cutting-edge marketing program strategies.

Ben Granados

Ben Granados

With over 15 years of experience in the video game industry, Ben is constantly striving for excellence and passing along best practices to our clients in a highly evolving and competitive marketplace. Ben’s innovation and commitment to excellence have seen him launch countless campaigns that led to record-breaking revenues.