PETROL Reinvents Itself for 2016

By Erin Berkenmeier Branding December 28, 2015

As 2016 is coming to a head, PETROL is preparing for 2016 with the launch of an internal agency rebrand that emphasizes the changing landscape of advertising, as well as the increasingly collaborative and integrated nature of the campaigns we execute for global brands.

President & Chief Creative Officer, Alan Hunter explains that, “the whole concept is the idea of pieces coming together to form the perfect match. We’re focused on making things work together in a way that is unique to every single brand that we represent.” Although rebranding is an exercise that many agencies go through eventually, the changes we are making represent more than an evolution in the look and feel of PETROL. It’s also a shift in the paradigm through which we view our approach to creative/strategic planning and execution.

The rebrand revolves around the core concept of: We Create. Icons, Brands, Moments—we create them all, and much more. At PETROL creation is at the core of everything that we do spanning strategy, media, and the creative itself; we pride ourselves on delivering innovation and results, day-in and day-out.

According to Dan Jaugey, Director of Partnership Strategy, “A lot of people have a mistaken notion of PETROL as someone who only works in gaming, which just isn’t true. So the way that we brand ourselves and our materials is also reflective of who we really are.” Recent work with brands like Western Digital and AMD are examples of Petrol’s connection to the tech industry and, along with our gaming and sports-industry clients, we are creating innovative partnerships that cross industries every day.

It’s more than just a new look and feel.

The changes happening at PETROL extend far beyond the logo and messaging. Our agency has also opened a new wing of the office building in Burbank and launched a new website to allow for growth of both personnel and business development.

Hunter explains, “The business is changing, the world is changing, our clients are changing. We want clients to be able to come here and see that we’re not just keeping up, but that we’re setting a forward-thinking campus type of feel which most small agencies don’t have the opportunity to do.”

With the new physical and online properties, PETROL is poised to expand what we create even more deeply across digital, event, and experiential marketing in addition to our current core services in 2016. “The line is blurring more & more between print and digital and AV. It’s very rarely segmented. So we’re doing an increasingly good job of showing not only all of our work, but the breadth of our services and how they integrate into a digital space & across mediums,” said Jaugey.

Reinventing yourself is not always easy.

PETROL has actually redesigned its branding 3 times since opening in 2003 and was originally inspired by a history rooted in the automotive industry. The original logo focused on movement and speed with elegance to convey, “we are here to move things forward, quickly.” Other iterations highlighted the ability to “make the impossible, marketable” and focused on the artistic ability to inspire. In 2015, the brand moves away from the idea of inspiration and hones in on collaboration. In the digital age of advertising, we are more connected than ever before and the rebrand embodies the idea of individual elements coming together in a cohesive way.

Visual elements of the logo intentionally serve ideas like open communication and simplicity through the combination of open spaces and clean lines. Much like PETROL’s staff culture, it’s about saying a lot without the need to show it all. And responses so far have been positive. Jaugey said, “The logo and the branding now is more reflective of the full scope and depth of what we do and who we work with.”

Amidst the constant deadlines, product launches, and business operations Hunter eloquently sums up the vision, “when you see the words ‘we create’, we think that represents what we do… What are we creating? Loyalties, partnerships, success stories, consumers, ROI, that’s what people are hiring us for. So this idea of ‘PETROL: we create’, it’s what we do.”

Erin Berkenmeier

Erin Berkenmeier

An avid explorer of internet culture, Erin has spent the past 6 years building successful digital experiences and creative campaigns for social media.