Farewell Starman

By Erin Berkenmeier Graphic Design January 30, 2016
image credit: Zach Trychel

Visionary. Rock Star. Philanthropist. Technologist. Life-saver. These are just a handful of the words used to describe the late David Bowie. Despite his passing after an 18-month battle with cancer, he has left an indelible mark on the world; a mark that is only one moment in a lifetime filled with creativity and inspirational contributions.

Over the past few days, an overwhelming number of retrospectives and tributes have emerged from people spanning all walks of life. Below are the personal stories from a few PETROLians that have been shared in memory of this well-love, much-missed icon.

Image source: Omikron: The Nomad Soul Videogame

“Bowie was a revolutionary icon for me, starting with Let’s Dance. I’d never seen music, fashion, glam and art merge like that. And what’s more, there was a cool, intelligent person behind the Ziggy Stardust makeup. A guy who could work with Lennon, Ronson, Eno and even Bing Crosby and then go on to launch tech companies and the Earthling album – he was always on the edge of cool.  Such a sad day to say goodbye to The Man Who Fell to Earth.”
Ryan, Digital Development

“David Bowie’s role in the Labyrinth will always stand out to me as unlike any other and will never be forgotten. As a kid, I loved the Labyrinth because it transported me to a world of fantasy and wonder, where I experienced every emotion—ranging from excitement, fear, sadness, and happiness. The movie still holds up as a fantastic tale with amazing acting and sets.”
Jordan, Account Development

Image credit: EMI 2002 album cover

“When my wife and I first started dating a long time ago, it became very clear that she was a huge David Bowie fan. Of course, everyone has that celebrity that they just love and would give anything to meet in person, but there was something different about her love of David Bowie. She had posters, shirts, his music and all these memories of a man that was cooler than the other side of the pillow.

It inspired me to give her this figure (which turns out is worth quite a bit now). It was the first present I gave her and I believe it was on Valentine’s Day 2009, which is also the anniversary of when we first started dating.

When news of his passing came out, she was inconsolable at times because David Bowie had the charisma and talent to touch her to her core. He represented more than music to my wife. He was a lifestyle, a lifetime of good memories, a connection between mother and daughter and so much more. I can’t say that David Bowie is one of the reasons that we’re together (the movie Predator would be the one that sticks out to me in that regard) but he was a way to come to understand the woman of my dreams. I wasn’t sad about his death because I didn’t have that kind of connection with him but his death made the woman I love so sad that I couldn’t help but be touched by it. RIP Bowie for making my wife happy for all those years.” – Gil, Social Media

Image credit: Diamond Dogs RCA Victor 1974
Erin Berkenmeier

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