Consumer Technology Trends in 2016

Answering the Call for Personalized Tech

By Ben Granados Branding Tech Marketing Virtual Reality April 15, 2016

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, one could not help but be struck by the volume & depth of technology that revolved around delivering increasingly personalized experiences to consumers. Brands are committed to developing innovations that cater to simplifying the user’s life and further structuring their daily habits.

The Landscape

At this year’s CES, this theme manifested itself across a broad swath of products—from drones, to VR, wearable technology & everything in between. All of these new products shared a core foundational element of delivering a uniquely ownable experience via the breakthrough technology.

How Brands Are Adapting

The philosophy rooted in addressing the need for personalization of devices by consumers was readily apparent in every booth activation. In the past, these sections revolved primarily around displaying a select amount of chosen products. This year, CES instead featured a surplus of product that encouraged attendees to interact & engage with the tech itself. The key experience was an opportunity for consumers to see how it could impact their lives.

This degree of personalization will become increasingly interwoven into marketing campaigns sure to follow these product launches. By developing a more meaningful connection with individual consumers, brands across industries are counting on an emotional product connection translating into tangible sales.

The Takeaway

Consumers demand more from their technology products. They insist upon convenience and seamless integration into their daily lives. This mentality, coupled with an abundance of competitive products, means that brands must clearly articulate their unique value proposition.

Innovation is rightly the foundation of any successful product, but it’s no longer enough to ensure success. However, it is imperative to connect with consumers digitally, socially, as well as through traditional media. This must happen on their terms. Brands must engage when the time is right and where the consumer is willing to have a conversation. As we see a continued shift into personalized tech experiences, brands that can strategically adapt their marketing techniques will see a sustained, measurable increase in growth & revenue.

Ben Granados

Ben Granados

With over 15 years of experience in the video game industry, Ben is constantly striving for excellence and passing along best practices to our clients in a highly evolving and competitive marketplace. Ben’s innovation and commitment to excellence have seen him launch countless campaigns that led to record-breaking revenues.