• Best Practices in the HTML5 Transition

    PETROL believes display ads should always be a complement, not an impediment.  And as ad management tools and publishers facilitate the code bases needed to deliver high-impact ads, we see creative brand experiences on both mobile and desktop delivering better and better end results. For more context on the pros and cons of this transition, [...]
    April 15, 2016 By Erin Berkenmeier Display Advertising Media Buying Online Advertising
  • Behind The Scenes

    Display advertising is the driving factor behind the web content that we consume everyday.  For over a decade, PETROL has been engaging audiences with award-winning banner campaigns on a range of the biggest publisher websites for both desktop and mobile. At PETROL, we pride ourselves on developing an unparalleled caliber of banner campaigns that have [...]
    February 27, 2016 By Gilbert Moran Display Advertising Interactive Media Online Advertising
  • HTML5 Advertising 2016

    With the demise of Adobe Flash as the nonpareil of display advertising, HTML5 is now the official lingua franca of ad creation. For years, Flash animated ads gave us eye-catching digital experiences that captured the imagination of viewers. In 2016, as mobile dominates digital advertising and desktop browsers look to the future, HTML5-based advertising has assumed [...]
    February 19, 2016 By Erin Berkenmeier Display Advertising Online Advertising